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"НОВА ПЕДАГОГІЧНА ДУМКА"     науково-методичний журнал

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UDC 378.30: 37.015.3 + 371.2 (09)                                                   Yevheniia NOSENKO,

Senior lecturer in ICT department in education

of Chernihiv RIPPE named after Ushynskyi


Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,

Associate Professor, Professor of ICT department in education

of Chernihiv RIPPE named after Ushynskyi



Senior lecturer in ICT department in education

of Chernihiv RIPPE named after Ushynskyi


     The process of learning requires teachers a systematic approach to achieve their goals. Understanding its complexity in terms of the evolution of the environment contributes to the emergence of new trends in modern science - synergy in education and educational synergy. A systematic approach opens up opportunities for the modeling and prediction of the educational environment, improving aspects of teaching in the content of education and the management of the educational process .

     Key words: synergy, systematic approach, pedagogical synergy, interdisciplinarity

     It is indicated in the National Strategy for the Development of Education in Ukraine in 2012-2021 years [4] that the current level of education in Ukraine is quite low, and the prestige of education and science in society requires tobe better.

     The National Strategy defines the main directions and ways to implement ideas and provisions of the National Doctrine of education development, the implementation of education reform over the next 10 years in new socio-economic conditions.

     The aims of the strategy at this stage are:

1. Raising the current level of education in Ukraine to the one that would give it (education) ablility to function in a full way as a key resource of socio-economic development and improve the welfare of citizens.

2. Providing personal development according to their individual inclinations, abilities, needs that are based on lifelong learning.

     Considering that the prestige of education and science in society is low, it causes anxiety, because it is not ensured the availability of quality, competitive education for citizens of Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of innovative sustainable development of society, economy, every citizen in particular. Definitions indicates not enough development of presented above document and its insufficient relationship with realities of life.

     Against the backdrop of economic and social problems in the world there is a change in the principles of education and formation of ideological value orientations of people. Education is designed to create modern looks that meet the latest achievements of science. It is important to develop instructional techniques qualitative training of the younger generation and implementation in the educational process of sophisticated techniques, which undoubtedly include information and communication technologies. The ability to use such technologies largely determines the results of teachers educating activity.

      Declaring the need to ensure innovation development in education, bringing it in line with European and international standards, the management of education in the country made a number of errors.

     There was made a notable contribution in the development of education methods in the Soviet period by such famous Ukrainian teachers as K. D. Ushynskiy, A. S. Makarenko, V. O. Sukhomlynskyi, M. P. Drahomanov et al., which allowed Ukraine to meet global development trends and socio-economic issues. This was primarily provided due to the creation of value orientations in society and education level of the younger generation. In this connection, the blind focus on education achieving of other countries is surprising. Adopted by the West evaluation knowledge system by testing does not detect among learners the ability to think and use knowledge in practice, but promotes "narcissistic dogmatists" and not patriots of their people and country. On the other hand, similar dogmatism in education management does not encourage the introduction of modern ideas about the processes in nature and society. In our opinion, Ukraine has long been in the necessity of drawing attention to new ideas about these processes. The basic approach here is the consideration of parts of nature and of society as a complex nonlinear systems that constantly exchange the matter and information with other complex systems. Education is also a similar system, which requires a multilateral approach to achieve mentioned above objectives. Consistency is caused by the use of intersubject approach in education to ensure comprehensiveness and depth of knowledge obtained, creating of an adequate reality outlook. Education is a prime example of a system that evolves. The person in accordance with their age is involved in the formation of understanding of reality in the process of education and preparation for active participation in the life of an advanced human society.

       The new views on the study and understanding of complex system approaches in the environment (socio-economic, environmental and space) become important in the face of human society. In addition, such phenomena of human life as self-organization, self-oscillation and coevolution are determined by the interaction of Procedure and Chaos.

     Therefore, in the world there is a need to consider the current systems in disequilibrium and irreversibility of their states. The studies, conducted in various modern sciences, have proven that the same or similar models can describe processes in various disciplines. Of particular interest in education becomes interdisciplinary approach. In modern education, not enough attention is paid to the deep connection between the study subjects. They are served as unrelated, while the matter of the universe is the only and the subjects studied reflect different manifestations of the matter in the natural space and noosphere (including education). In this regard it is important to form an idea of  the deep unity of matter. This is especially important in the study of the evolution of complex systems, which include education.

     The matter consists of nonequilibrium systems and complex dissipative structures, where the continuous changes in the transition of dynamic Chaos in Order takes place. In our case, the dynamics of Chaos should be considered as the process of acquiring knowledge and skills in the open complex system of education. The procedure is a certain level of education and acquired skills and knowledge for employment and value orientations formation of the younger generation, which allows the formation of fully function as a key resource of country social and economic development, and providing of personal development under the individual inclinations, abilities, needs through lifelong learning.

     Thus, in modern science it can be said about the new direction - synergetics, which is sometimes wrongly defined as the science of self-organization, without paying attention to its fundamental positions. Especially promising, in our opinion, is the use of synergy in teaching as a methodological approach to consider the development of the education and training and educational process managing in general. This will allow to switch into the synergetic model of education and to establish modern scientific understanding of the universe picture. It is formed a new direction in pedagogy that is called pedagogical synergy.

     Modern philosophy of education and updated educational sphere reform strategy require fundamentally new research, evidence-based and consistent implementation of the new teaching technologies, rational and effective approaches towards the research and innovation in education. The development of education in that direction is based on a modern education philosophy and on the updated strategy reform of the educational sphere, requiring fundamentally new research, study and consistent implementation of the new technologies teaching, rational and effective approaches to research and innovation in education. The innovation gains a great importance that is complementary adjacent environments: personal, ethnocultural (including family) and ICT - environment of the institution.

      According to the term of synergy, the focus is made on the process of system management and information exchange between its components [5; 6]. Systems created by man, are characterized by the deterioration of functioning even in low change (fluctuation) of external influences or management error. This raises the important task of synergy which is clarification of the laws of construction, organization and emergence of order. We study a system in which the processes of instability is the natural state for open nonlinear systems with multiple ways of ambiguous evolution ways. Synergetics uses common for certain sciences achievements of their internal subject area and explores them through its specific means. Every science exists in the specific areas of the universe matter being on the basis of its methods, enriching the stock of synergy ideas as well. The most important common features of observed processes and phenomena are used in the creation of modern methods of teaching that is closely connected with reality. In terms of synergy, any science and its methodology study creation process is an open complex system, where the new ideas emerge constantly.

     As a result of mentioned above process, the significant discoveries, which can lead to fundamental changes in science, take place. But taking into account the complexity of the organization and course of such processes, it is vital for education to act with caution. One can only succeed if those involved know the intrinsic properties of the system. "Synergetics and System Analysis" is the backbone direction in science, which includes such various sections of natural science as social and humanitarian issues that determine its formation and methodology. Based on these provisions, it must be concluded about the benefits of synergy and its system analysis to education, which is reflected in the National Strategy for the Development of Education in Ukraine [4, p. 28].


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